How I got started as a Photographer.

My Story about how I got Started as a photographer.


Well, I decided to tell you all you guys the way that I began this exiting journey. I always wanted to have a DSLR camera as a hobby, it was about 5 years ago, I went to liverpool and there was a special offer for a Canon Ts1, I bought it, but eventually it didn’t satisfice me. Almost 6 months later I went back to liverpool and I bought my first Nikon, this time was a d7000 one. A short time later, I met a guy who was developing a catwalk contest and he needed a photographer, and I said, “well, this would be a good chance to practice shooting”. I remember the first time that I had to go to Can Cun to make a photoshoot, I really didn’t knew what and how to do it, even tough when I already had attended my first Workshop whit whom will be my teacher and mentor in the future, anyway, It had to be done.


The location was horrible, I mean, all was in darkness, all filled with black ligths. Short time later, I went back to make the classic photos for the contest, my gear at that time was one led light lamp, one 35 mm 1.8 for dx and my nikon d7000, I felt myself like a important person making photos.


When this phase ended, I decided to make my own path, I was lucky because my mentor took me with him to shoot weddings, real weddings, and I said “gosh, this is awesome, I would like to do this for my hole life”, I was improving myself, wedding after wedding, and of course, I was announcing me on facebook, and aventually clients came to me.

over the years I went through this

tsis heart 2

to make thisDeely83LHP_0063-2

and i still holding what i said before, I would do this all my life without doubt.

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